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Welcome to the site for our guild! We're a casual raiding guild on Ysondre (Eastern U.S. PVP server)that has members from all over the country interested in all aspects of the game. We have a good social foundation that makes doing things as a guild a positive experience. If you have a friendly attitude, and want to have fun times with other gamers while playing World of Warcraft, we may be the guild for you! 
For the Horde! 
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Level 9

Devitri, Feb 15, 11 3:51 AM.
We got our level 9! One more level and we get the heirloom cloaks with +5% xp 

4.0.6 live 2-8-11

Devitri, Feb 6, 11 9:22 PM.
Here's the notes. Take a look, lots of big changes!

Site ready for action!

Devitri, Feb 6, 11 1:57 PM.
While there is more to be done here on our new site, I am content with it now being available to everyone! Make sure you sign up (will have to be approved), go to your profile and add your characters, visit the forums, and urge your guildies to do the same!

I have made a sticky thread in the WoW forum for gathering feedback on the site if you have anything you'd like to say about it.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out,

Guild Level 8!

Devitri, Jan 23, 11 8:54 PM.
Grats guys, I'm sure level 9 isn't far off!


LordHaikon, Jan 20, 11 12:26 AM.
great work on the site so far Devitri, And Damn nice images too. :)I have the same mouse!
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